Rockport, Texas Fishing Reports

Your Rockport Fishing Experience

Captain Larry is a seasoned angler with years of experience fishing the waters off Rockport. His reports are based on firsthand knowledge and up-to-date information from other local fishermen, giving you an accurate picture of what to expect when you hit the water. Whether you're after redfish, trout or flounder, these reports will give you insights into where to find them and what bait or lures to use.

We get these questions a lot: Where are the fish biting in Rockport TX? What is the best time to fish in Rockport TX? What are the two best times to fish? Captain Larry takes you to a few of his secret bay fishing hotspots to reel in Redfish and Sea trout consistently. He enjoys the bay waters more so than offshore fishing due to the calm waters and the opportunity to fish up close and personal to your target species. Rockport fishing season really kicks off in the spring months (spring break fishing anyone?) and goes all summer and fall. While we fish during winter months with great catch rates for seat trout, its not nearly as busy. Our two best time of days to fish are at sunrise when the fish are hungry, and our best time of year to fish is late spring. You can never go wrong with this duo!

Fishin' All The Time Guide Service offers half-day morning and afternoon fishing charters from Rockport, Port Aransas, Baffin, and surrounding areas. Expect to leave early and use various techniques and bait to reel in Redfish and Sea Trout. You also have the option to book a seasonal wade fishing exclusive experience with Captain Larry- This trip typically includes waders and fly fishing gear and geared towards anglers with more experience. Bring Your waders for this winter to spring exclusive fishing experience. Captain Larry is also a very successful tournament captain. He will Captain your upcoming group tournament so you can focus on fishing and winning that prize! Larry spends countless hours on the water analyzing the fishing conditions, best spots, bait and more to help you get that trophy.

These reports are essential reading for any angler looking to make the most of their trip to this beautiful coastal town. With detailed information on the latest fishing conditions, as well as tips and tricks for catching different species of fish, these reports will help you plan your next fishing trip like a pro.

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July 22, 2022

Rockport Texas Fishing Report

Good haul from a few days ago ! The fishing has been awesome especially the Trout bite here in the Gulf of Mexico off of Rockport. The fishing has been really good in the mornings, we are hitting our limits of Speckled Trout early in the day and getting off the water to beat the heat!
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July 19, 2022

Rockport Texas Fishing Report

The Redfish and Trout fishing has been really good here in Rockport. When one bait doesn't work we get another one out and that has definitely paid off! We have been using Jigs mostly for trout and the bite has been consistently good in the Gulf off of Rockport. We have got our hands full with fish!
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June 24, 2022

Rockport, TX Fishing Report

Epic day with some good friends!! We had a crazy day with the porpoises as you can see up to 22” trout taken from us. Pics show some that we got back. It was like running a top water and they would hit like a peacock bass but we did it! Had a blast and will never forget!! Missing you in the pic.
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May 7, 2022


reds continue to improve. trout bite is in the beginning now. look for grass with sand pockets 
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March 27, 2022

3-27-22 fishing report

Still have a few fronts pushing through and will scatter the fish but for the most part water temperatures are on the rise and fish will start to hold their spring pattern. Few pics from some of our trips. Aransas pass,Rockport and Port Aransas
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March 20, 2022


Few pics from spring break trips. Fishing still remains good! Yet we did have a cold front wit gusty winds that slowed things down the last few days. Watch the tides this is the key to this time of the year. Aransas pass.Rockport,port Aransas
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March 13, 2022


Fishing has been picking up in Aransas Pass and Rockport tx. Fish are starting to pattern with the warmer days. This front scatters them a bit but if you pay attention to the tide you can find them. Have a good spring break and be safe out there. Tight lines
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March 7, 2022


As the warmer temps arrive so does the water temperature fish are starting to be able to hit their spring patterns we did have a cold front push through today this will change everything for a couple of days but will continue to improve. Rockport/Aransas pass
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March 3, 2022

Few pics from last couple trips 3-1-02

With the warmer temperatures coming we will see an increase of fish movement and patterns
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February 25, 2022

Past Few Trips

Fishing has been good lately here in Rockport Tx, Aransas pass. It will continue to improve as the fish start to hold a pattern.
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October 8, 2021


Redfish are picking up this week. Finding them near shell or grass with sand pockets. Plenty of bait moving on a falling tide. Look for drains as well during a falling tide. Pay attention to the major and minor feeding times to ensure your best chance!! Be safe this weekend!